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Discover the Best in Excel to make Your Tasks EASIER, Yourselves FASTER & GAIN a Competitive Edge opening up a NEW WORLD of Opportunities !

Advanced Excel ? ? ?

       Microsoft Excel is a reasonably straightforward, easy-to-learn application, and the process can be a bit challenging only for beginners who don’t have prior experience working with spreadsheets or data.

      On the other hand, Advanced Excel refers to the features and functions of Microsoft Excel, which helps the user to perform complex calculations, perform data analysis, present visualisations and much more . . . 

Key Advantages of Adv. Excel

An Employee willing to learn and improve is always always the best asset to any Business Organisation. Advanced Excel training vastly improves your skill pool, helping you to stand out among others and become a better boon to your Employer.

Becoming well versed in Advanced Excel, one can finish complicated tasks faster. This goes hand in hand with the Business World where Time equals money.

Being able to rightly analyse large amounts of data, one’s eyes open to huge insights. This vastly improves one’s understanding of the whole situation and Manage it better.

Once you are able to exceed any normal user, your wage prospects both within the current organisation or in a new one increases significantly.

Excel can be made to keep track of progress by building Dynamic Excel Dashboards. Accurate results from these can facilitate timely interventions, greatly increasing Efficiency.

You are enabled to transform raw data using formulas, sort & filter them and finally visually present them using charts and graphs. This allows companies to understand and unlock the hidden potential of their data.

The ability to work on data simultaneously from various sources and users, greatly highlights Advanced Excel’s capabilities. Also a high level of expertise among all the users is not a criteria. 

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        We know that it can be hard to find time to learn a new skill, so we work hard to make our courses as convenient as possible. 

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We offer the option of learning at home or at our institute, depending on where you want to take the course.

We offer courses that are not on college campus. This is a great option for colleges that cannot make room in their schedules or do not have space for us to teach the courses. It also allows us to expand our reach and offer more courses to students.

Relevant and Updated Curriculum

Knowing how stressful it can be to find a job and start your career, so we do our best to make the process as easy as possible. The curriculum is constantly updated based on new trends in technology and industry standards, so students can feel confident about the knowledge they’re gaining from us.

Flexible and Accessible

We’re flexible. The needs of a college or university are constantly changing and growing. That’s why our courses can be taken at any time during the year, and they can even be taken online. This makes it easy for institutions to customise their training programs as needed.

We also offer courses to colleges right on their campus . This means we can customise the course to their specific.

Learn Advanced Excel to be . . .

More Valuble

Become a Better Valued Employee to Employers!

More Faster

Get Faster Outputs and Better Time Management!

More Analytical

Increase your Analytical and Management Skills!

More Worthful

Improve your Salary Prospects!

More Accurate

Increases Efficiency and Accuracy of your Results!

More Visual

Enables Better Data Visualisations!

More Collaborative

Enhances Multi User Collaborations!


Your Tasks will be Easier!


Faster completion of Tasks!


See Your Data and Calculations become super Accurate!


Watch Your data become Easily Sortable!


Visualised Data at Your fingertips!


Become more Analytical!


More Productive with less effort!